The Beginner’s Bible Review: Timeless Children’s Stories


When my oldest child was dedicated at church five years ago, one of the gifts he received from a family member was The Beginner’s Bible: New Testament.  That sweet little book is worn to pieces already from all the loving it has seen over the years.  It’s one of his absolute favorites and one of mine!  The characters and illustrations brought back nostalgic memories as I remembered The Beginner’s Bible that I myself grew up with.  What a gift to be able to now pass on those same stories and well-loved characters to my children through the same Bible!

This month, I fell in love with the newest version of The Beginner’s Bible which includes stories from the entire Bible, three-dimensional bold & colorful art, and vibrant story-telling.  The stories are simple, easy to follow, and capture my children’s attention.  We read for about 10-15 minutes each night before bed (although they would sit and read it cover to cover each night with me if I let them stay up because they adore it so much!!).  Often times, when we are done reading, they will eagerly ask to have it left in bed with them.  My boys will switch off who gets to keep it that night and they will flip through the pages and savor the stories by the light of the little Christmas tree in their room until they fall asleep.

It’s been a gift for my husband and I to create memories and bond with our children each night before bed while we share the love of God through each story in The Beginner’s Bible with them.  I highly recommend this book as a Christmas gift this year.  A Bible is a timeless gift and treasure to give!

I am also giving one away for FREE this Christmas.  Simply enter the drawing by filling out this form and I will draw for a winner next week: