Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review: Build a Creative Faith Foundation


For Christmas this year, my three littles will each be receiving a few different Lego sets from my husband and I.  It’s been really fun to pick out sets together that we know they would enjoy.  Their little minds just come alive when putting those pieces together and the joy that they express through their creativity is contagious!

I was recently introduced to an incredible book that combines my children’s love for reading and their love for Legos – the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible.  This little gem has illustrations completely made of building blocks and my boys are absolutely fascinated with it!  Seeing these Bible stories come to life with real building pieces inspires them to create and act out their own Bible scenes.  The stories are perfect for preschoolers and early age readers – just long enough that they add a good amount of detail from the actual Bible story but short enough to hold a child’s attention.

The book is filled with descriptive adjectives, a focus on colors, and action-packed stories.  It also does a wonderful job of connecting the overall theme of the Bible from beginning to end – creation, fall, redemption, restoration.  It also includes fun building block tips at the end of each story to help your child understand and live out their faith in practical ways!

My kids have been enthralled with this new one for their bookshelves and I encourage you to consider it as a gift idea for the special readers in your life!  It would especially make a fun gift idea (perhaps coupled with a Lego set?) for Christmas this year!  My boys already have one wrapped up to give their cousin for Christmas and they are absolutely thrilled!