Joy in Leadership

Leadership is not about having it “all together” in life or in your business – it’s about the desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  It’s about wanting to invest in others and make a difference.  It’s about believing in a big God and having the confidence to step out and choose to take the next step in faith when He calls you.
I wanted to share a little about my story with one of my recent endeavors as a children’s book consultant with Usborne Books & More (“UBAM”).  I joined UBAM in April of 2016 after hearing about them for the first time at a Facebook Party a couple months prior.  I fell in love with the books as soon as that first box arrived at our doorstep and I opened it up to find the most beautifully illustrated, best quality books I had ever seen.
I researched the company, asked lots of questions, and eventually decided to make the leap into my first direct sales biz.  It soon became so much more than just a business opportunity for me.  I joined with the original goal of promoting my way up so that I could eventually stay home with my 3 kids starting Summer of 2017.
Somewhere along the way, however, my goal became so much more than that – it became a dream, a vision, and a hope for my kids.  The more books I was introduced to, the more I fell in love and I realized what an amazing opportunity I had here for my children.
Free books, a love for reading, and the gift of literacy – it’s hard to put a price on that, isn’t it?
Fast forward 2.5 years and here I am – Yes, I have promoted & began staying home with my 3 kids last summer and have been devoting more time to my book biz from home (along with still working my part-time corporate job hours).  But more importantly, I discovered that despite my initial financial goals and wants for this business, it turned into something bigger.
It’s an opportunity, a hobby, an outlet, and a way to make a difference in other’s lives.
I have a team of wonderful ladies surrounding me that I get to connect with professionally and personally – I have the opportunity to encourage them, pray for them, and just be there for them.  I also have a huge bookcase full of new, fun, interactive and FREE books for my children.  I have been able to be a part of several events within my community along with the countless parties I’ve done through Facebook for people all over the United States.  And this month I am about to take those efforts GLOBALLY by inviting people to participate in a Book Drive to build a library in Africa through the African Library Project Organization (*see link below).
Joy is contagious and when I see the joy on my children’s faces and the faces of children all over the U.S. through pictures & videos when they receive their new treasures, it brings my heart such joy.
Making a difference in other lives is truly priceless.
And you know what?  I never would have discovered this gift if I would not have stepped out in faith.  How can you step out and make a difference in the world around you?  What is God calling you to step out in faith and pursue?  He has big plans for you if you will trust Him.